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Betsafe Poker Bonus Information

When it comes to bonuses, Betsafe Poker offers not just some very tempting ones, but also a multitude to choose from. It is important that you use the registration code pnodds when you set up your Betsafe account. It is essential to use the pnodds registration code when filling in the registration form which applies for all the products offered by Betsafe including sports betting and casino gaming. This registration code gives you access to all the bonuses that are offered for the various products.

Depending on the stakes you are used to playing at you should opt for the lower bonuses or the big ones, just make sure to meet the 60 days deadline. If you are overly optimistic and play low stakes while aiming for the $2500, there is a good chance you’ll wind up with nothing.

Single Wallet Policy

The great thing about setting up your account at is that you get great bonuses just for joining when you enter the bonuscode ‘pokernetbs’ at registration, but you also get a single money account making the depositing of money to different product accounts totally unecessary. This is a safer and up to date way of operating with money on the internet so set up an account today at using our link below and remember to include the all important bonuscode ‘pokernetbs’ to get your registration bonuses.

Additional benefits from Betsafe Poker

The loyalty program is the way Betsafe Poker rewards its most dedicated players and promotions such as “Cash is King” will facilitate the redeeming of cash with poker points. The money are sent at the beginning of each month for the previous one, so the ones who play more and gather a lot of poker points will be the ones to get the bigger prizes.

Betsafe Poker Overview

A proud member of the OnGame network, Betsafe poker pairs up with the less known Tower Poker to offer the customers tempting bonuses, nice traffic and a user friendly interface. Betsafe poker is rewarding clients with cashback up to 40%, which is particularly beneficial for new players. Those who enjoy playing at short handed tables will be delighted with Betsafe Poker’s generous offer, as there are many of these tables that limit the number of player at 3, 4 or 5.

Betsafe Poker now Offers Betsafe Poker Black and Betsafe Poker Red which broadens the scope for gameplay enormously. Players are invited to sign up to both venues as they are both accessible with just one registration code pnodds.

Betsafe Poker Games

There is no shortage of either players or games at Betsafe poker, with No Limit Texas Hold’em, Pot Limit and all the types of Omaha and Stud poker. Arguably the most exciting feature and blessing in disguise for those who rule the short handed tables are the ones which restrict the number of players to 3, 4 or 5. Either way, you can compete against a handful of players and play more hands faster, hence increasing your winnings.

Betsafe Poker Tournaments

Betsafe poker hosts a lot of daily tournaments with guaranteed prizes, so if you are a sit and go buff who likes to add a tournament or two in the menu, this is the place to be. Each hour there is one starting and with so many players online it is impossible not to join one that meets your expectations in terms of both rewards and competition.
On Sunday there is a special tournament called ChampionChip with prizes of $250,000 guaranteed so if you are aiming for a big break this is your chance. The same goes for the GSOP series where you can face fellow poker players in a competition that incudes more than a dozen events. This is hosted only once a year in October, but the generous prizes makes it an event worth waiting for.

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Betsafe Poker Software

Betsafe has recently entered the OnGame network and although they use their reliable software, there are some particularities. The problems occur when playing a multiple tables as they are simply too small and not very clear, so this may have a deterring effect on multitable grinders. The smaller the screen, the bigger the problems, but otherwise the software runs smoothly and you won’t have issues finding a table soon. The only thing that will frustrate players is that the software is a bit slow, but that is a common problem over the OnGame network.

Betsafe Poker Traffic

Betsafe poker is among the biggest poker rooms online, despite the fact they don’t allow US players at their tables and as a result the traffic is very good. There will be a lot of players online all the time and most of them come from sports betting, which doesn’t automatically makes them fish, but neither experts.
It is a good mix of traffic and mild competition for poker players who are looking for a chance to win some easy money from sub-par opponents. They are more aggressive at low stakes as they try to match the winnings in sports and as a result they will frequently put you in strange situation. Regulars who have a lot of time and patience can benefit of the flux of weak opponents and make a living here.

Betsafe Poker Customer Service

This company is famous for the prompt answers and the attention to clients, so the customer support is expected to work flawlessly. They are so convinced that the services offered are outstanding that are willing to pay anyone who can prove them different. If you made a deposit and have any question, address it via email and if they don’t respond in less than 15 minutes you are compensated with 10 euros. Phone and live services are also available, but if you use the email you can hope to collect a nice reward unless they reply in time.

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