5 Common Blunders in Online Poker

Many pro players will admit to making some critical mistakes in their early careers and it’s totally acceptable. There’s no better teacher than experience, but hopefully a few of these tips can help you when you kick off your poker experience.

Playing Too Many Tables

One of the biggest perks of playing poker online is that you’re able to play at multiple tables at once. Obviously, it’ll give you the opportunity to win more often, but if you’re new to the online poker world it’s better to focus on one table at a time.

When you’ve mastered the art to the point where you consistently make a win over a sustained period of time, you can add one more table and repeat the rule. If you get to a point where your game suffers, it’s better to drop one table than to lose profits.

Not Understanding The Mathematics

Poker is a mathematical game and this fact will never change. You need to invest some time in understanding the mathematical calculations. If you don’t do this, your opponents will eat you up at the table. It can also turn the odds in your favor which is great because you don’t get such an opportunity when playing other games such as slots.

Playing Like a Robot

When you play poker it’s incredibly important to take in all of the information that’s at your disposal and think through your hand properly.

An example of this blunder would be to look down to see pocket aces pre-flop, and then immediately double-up without considering anything else. If you play like a robot you’ll find yourself in some serious messy situations, because you won’t take the texture of the board or your opponent’s playability into consideration.

Not Taking Your Time

This is an ego thing. Many players believe that if they take time to make a decision it looks weak. The truth is, you’ll make serious mistakes when you rush. Obviously, it’s okay to play at a faster pace when playing basic hands, but when it comes to important situations you should focus and take your time and this will ensure a strategic move.

Throwing Good Money After Bad Hands

Many players start off by playing free games. Yes, it’s a fantastic way to get to know the game and to practise your skill and strategy, but when you’re playing with real money, the game changes drastically.

You essentially pay to play in real money games and if you waste money on weak hands, your bankroll will be depleted in no time! You must accept the fact that you’ll fold more times that you will play – which is okay, because it’ll give you the opportunity to focus on how the other players are playing. This will give you the opportunity to pick up tips without wasting any money on bad hands.

And, when you’re dealt a good hand, you’ll have the budget to raise which will improve your chances of winning big in the long run.


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