3 of the Best Wins in Online Poker History

3 of The Biggest Wins in Online Poker History

Online poker is enjoyed throughout the world, but nothing is quite as exciting as witnessing a showdown between titans of the game.

Poker is known for its mind-blowing prize jackpots, so fans can always expect players to put up a great performance. Although much of a player’s success is down to skill and attitude, Lady Luck also plays an important role. Here are 3 of the best wins in online poker history.

Patrik Antonius – $878,958.50

In 2009, Finnish Patrik Antonius won what was, at the time, the biggest pot size for any online poker game. Antonius was playing Omaha, where the player has 4 cards instead of 2, and needs to create the best hand out of 3 community cards and 2 of his own cards.

Throughout the game, both players took their turn checking and then raising. Neither of them wanted to look weak in front of the other, so it didn’t take long for Patrik to go all in, while Isildur1 still had a balance of just over $11k.

When the players revealed their hands, everyone thought the pot would be split. Both players had, in fact, an ace and a queen, making two pairs. However, luck favoured Patrik, who also had an 8, which allowed him to create a straight and win the massive prize.

Tom Dwan – $657,073

When Tom “durrrr” Dwan and Di “Urindanger” Dang were the only two players left in a 5-handed cash game, anything could have happened. Right from the start, however, Tom felt that he has an advantage, holding a pair of 4s in his hand. He played the game very aggressively, almost bullying Di into calling his raises.

Things only got better for Tom when with the flop, which gave him a strong, three of a kind hand. Once again, Tom raised, but this time Di didn’t call, but raised, possibly trying to surprise Tom and see his reaction. With the 4th community card on the table, it was back to Tom raising and Di calling. This happened again with the 5th card. Tom’s three of a kind won him $657,073, but it’ll never be known what cards Di was counting so much on.

Urindanger – $723,941

In 2008, Tom “durrrr” Dwan and Urindanger were the only two players left on the table and both had very strong hands. Durrrr was holding a pair of K, a strong hand in every respect, however, Urindanger had the advantage, holding a pair of A. Both players were feeling confident so it was no surprise that the pot went from $1,500 to $94,000 before the flop.

The flop didn’t really affect either player, but rather than calling, Urindanger decided to raise by $52,700. Undeterred, Durrrr decided to raise, putting the pot size to $286,200. Naturally, both players felt like the game was theirs, so the raises just kept coming.

Urindanger went all in, with $314,970.50 and Durrrr matched that without a second thought. The turn and the river were dealt and it became immediately apparent that Urindanger had the upper hand.


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